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Caribe Club Princess Resort & Spa

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On a beautiful expanse of white beach, swept with coconut palms the sister hotel to Bavaro Princess is part of a Spanish chain of Resorts. It is the newest to the chain and only 5 years old. One enters into a spacious open-air lobby with a huge thatched covering, polished floors, gigantic iron-crafted seashells which serve as lights at the front steps. As you walk through to the other side, there is an expanse of sprawling lawns and a small replica village with shops in pastel Caribbean style design, including a typical little Dominican house which bears the sign, " Internet." A pathway through natural mangrove and tropical foliage takes you to another vast opening with a long languishing pool and the hotel section with vibrant earth colors of rusts and lemon. Individual restaurants, each with it's own distinction and theme, seemingly create a little row of dining options. Like strolling along a street within the gardens. There are 3 specialty restaurants, for Mexican, Italian and Chinese cuisine and one main Palapa restaurant for buffet. Of notable mention is El Pilon which is actually a name given by the Tiano Indians to a jar-like piece of pottery in which they would mash spices. One feels you have been invited into the typical Dominican home, to feast on local dishes.
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Caribe Club Princess Resort & Spa