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Oasis Cancun Hotel

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"High maintenance?? Not me! Like my sister resort, Grand Oasis Cancun, I'm tons of fun - but I can show you a good time for less. I'm all-inclusive and located right on the beach in Cancun's golden zone, with one of the longest pools in Cancun. I throw great parties with my famous friends out at Ibiza Beach Club, and I get a little naughty after hours at Coyote Loco Bar. I'm hip and happening, at a price that's right."  

The Oasis Cancun complex consists of 2 Mayan style buildings which forms a Grand Resort located in the middle of the Cancun Hotel Zone. The hotel offers a spacious half mile beach, and beautiful, lush, groomed gardens.  

The Ultimate All-Inclusive Entertainment Resort & Spa offers high-profile entertainment. On site daily entertainment with more than 50 in house performers including singers, acrobats, roller blade performers, comedians, flash mobs and unexpected entertainment experiences throughout the resort.  


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Oasis Cancun Hotel