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Riu Taino Beach Resort

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A perfect location with all facilities aligning with the beach and steps from the Caribbean Street .The name is in honor of the Tiano Indians, the first inhabitants on this 15 mile stretch of bone-white beach. Their talents in thatching, may have inspired that very palapa, you may be sitting under; suntan lotion applied and ready to embrace the golden rays. While the Indian may have kayaked with fishing line, you can soar across turquoise waters, on a windsurfer or sailboat. Legacies of Indians aside, you'll still feel some lingering connection by the beauty of natural vegetation, in this beachfront location.

The spacious lobby with high wood-celing with a dominican style peak, and natural white stones walls opens to gardens of banana trees, ferns growing up date palms, hedges bursting with red flowers . Villas in soft tangerine color with white lattice accents around the balconies, are tucked into this tropical display of greenery and blossoms. Tiled walkways lead to a large pool with a spired dome over the swim-up bar. Activities with Merengue lessons and lively fun, seem to generate at this particular Riu. You can easily slip out of the pool and walk steps over to the beach, and are 3 minutes from the Caribbean Street with shops and Pizzeria.
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Riu Taino Beach Resort