Barbados, often called the "Little England" of the Caribbean, blends the finer elements of British tradition with warm island hospitality. Barbados is one of the first democracies in the New World and a regional leader in education and commerce. Explore the many beaches, rolling countryside, charming villages, old sugar mills and plantations that represent the colonial past of the island. Tour the East Coast where the Atlantic Ocean’s waves are a surfer's paradise. Shop in the capital city or stay out late to party in the nightlife.

Hotels and Resorts in Barbados
Bougainvillea Beach Resort (Barbados, Carribean)
Buccament Bay Resort ( Barbados, Carribean)
Crystal Cove (Barbados, Carribean)
Mango Bay (Barbados, Carribean)
Palm Island Resorts
Sandals Barbados (Barbados, Carribean)
Sandals Royal Barbados (Barbados, Carribean)
Sugar Bay Barbados
Tamarind Barbados Beach Resort
The Club Barbados Resort & Spa (Barbados, Carribean)
The Savanah (Barbados, Carribean)
Turtle Beach Resort (Barbados, Caribbean)
Waves Hotel & Spa (Barbados, Carribean)

Fun Fact: Driving in Barbados, as on many of the Caribbean Islands, is on the left side of the road. Before you rent a car, please make sure you are comfortable driving this way. However, precautions aren't only for drivers. Pedestrians must also remember to look right as well as left when crossing the street!

Please Note: The wearing of camouflage or military apparel is illegal in Barbados and clothing will be confiscated and persons charged accordingly.