This city is spread over two important bays divided by the famous and bright Santiago Peninsula and is surrounded by beautiful beaches along the Pacific. This paradise-like port is not your typical tourist town on the sea.

There exists a certain paradox between the luxury of a vacation center and a busy commercial port. It is a popular spot for visitors looking for quieter and less developed spaces and can be divided into two areas. The downtown area is basically where harbor and commercial activities are carried out, while just a few kilometers further, is the luxurious and quiet tourist area. There is little to pry one away from these pristine beaches, known as the "Heavenly Paradise". Visitors who like to explore can arrange a day trip to Colima and visit its museums or visit the picturesque villages of San Patricio Melaque and Barre de Navidad which rest on a sandbar between the sea and Laguna de Navidad, 37 miles away.
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